Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

Anton (Tony) Gustin #1349, retired Seattle Police Assistant Chief passed away on February 11, 2014 at the age of 87.

Tony grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. Like many young men, he entered the Army during the war years. After WWII, he moved over into the Army Reserves while he went to college.
He joined the Seattle Police Department when he was 25 years of age in 1952. He worked Patrol for six years. In 1958 he was promoted to sergeant, assigned to the Georgetown Precinct.
Three years later he made Lieutenant and was sent to Juvenile. There, he initiated a pro act team of three Juvenile investigators – Clark Elster #2025, Al Wilding #1574, and Romero Yumul #2226, called the “Cooper Booper”. Their mission was to chase down the new phenomenon of criminal (Ave rats) in the University District. Tony remained in the detectives for six years. In 1967 he was promoted to Captain and assigned to the Georgetown Precinct. A young sergeant named Dean Olson #1918 worked for him there.
Two years later as the Federal and local Grand Juries were functioning, Tony – a known reformer and innovator was delegated the responsibility with the King County Prosecutor to investigate corruption. Some of the investigators assigned there were Al Terry #2743, Don Vert #2168, Roy Wedlund #2154, Roy Skagen #2204, and Clark Elster #2025. This was a very intense and hard duty on all.
Tony left the Department in 1977 to become the Chief of Police in Sandy, Utah for several years. Then he went to work for the US Government in the Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) helping to set up and/or professionalize police departments. One of his projects was the upgrading of the police on Samoa.
When he finally retired in 1994, he moved to Olympia, Washington.
He is survived by his wife, Gloria; and his son, Anton Jr.