Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Last Ring

Take a moment to remember our friends and associates who have passed.

William “Bill” Green #2236, Retired Seattle Police Sergeant, passed away .on April 28, 2021 at the age of 83.

Bill was born and raised in Shelton.  His family eventually settled in Seattle.  Bill attended Seattle Prep on Capitol Hill.  There he played football.  After graduation he enrolled in Seattle University.  During this time, he met his wife Barbara who was a senior at Holy Angels High. They dated for several years before getting married in June 1959.  Now Bill needed more income, so he and his brother Don started the Green Brothers Trucking Company.  Business was good so Bill worked there even after joining the PD.

Bill was hired on the department in March 1962.  He was assigned to Patrol for four years.  In May of 1966 he transferred to Traffic, riding solos for the next five years. He even road motorcycle escorts off duty for Roger Hempleman.  He became a member of the Drill Team which traveled up and down the West Coast performing in parades.  Barbara and the kids went to every Seafair Parade to watch dad ride. For many years Bill's trucking company raised money for the drill team.

At the end of 1971, he transferred back to Patrol because his number was coming up on the sergeant’s promotional list.  He wanted to refresh his patrol skills and learn any new patrol duties.  After two months, he was promoted and reassigned to Traffic.  He spent the next 13 years in enforcement (4 wheels).  During the years he was in traffic, when not performing in parades, he worked every Seafair event, Goodwill Games event and construction detail for the Kingdome and its events that required intersection control.  When he went back to Patrol in the North Precinct, he worked the Freedom Games sporting events.  All the standing at the traffic control posts raised havoc with Bill's legs causing him to give up jogging and basketball.  But it did not stop him from taking his squads out to fish on his 22-foot Chris Craft.

He loved the outdoors, snow skiing, water skiing and camping.  He also loved to coach sports.  He and Dale Schenck #2137 and Pat Murphy #1652 coached the department's Bamtam football teams in the late 60s.  Several of these players went on to play on Division One college teams such as Joe Bouffious’s #3047 brother-in-law.  Later, Pat and Bill purchased their players uniforms at the 3 GI's sporting goods store owned by Joe's father in law.  Bill also coached Univac Baseball in North King County with Dale Schenck.  Then Bill became an assistant volunteer coach at Blanchet High and Shorecrest High.  One of Bill's last coaching recruitment was to convince Joe to help coach basketball at Saint Marks Elementary School in Lake Forest Park.

Bill retired in September 1992 with 30 years of service.  He was no couch potato. He was a coach.  So he applied to be a full time football coach at Shorecrest High School.  Right up to the last minute his favorite attire was his Shorecrest Coach’s sweatshirt and pants.
Dale Schenck encouraged Bill to start golfing.  One day at the Nile he attempted to tee off and hit the ball straight up.  When the ball came down Bill caught it.  Both Dale and Dick Sherwood #2906 yelled that's a 2 stroke penalty because you interfered with the balls drop.  This ruined Bill’s game for the round. 

Bill became very active at RAP.  He was Vice President in 2015 in 2018.  He was President in 2016 and 2019 through March of 2021.  Everyone enjoyed the unorthodox way he ran the meetings.

Bill is survived by his wife, of almost 62 years, Barbara, four adult children Debbie, Kathy, Terry and Jon and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.