Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

Legislature - Week 6

February 22, 2013 - Legislative Update

Friday, February 22nd. was the Policy Committee cutoff day for Legislature. The cutoff means that House bills that did not pass out of a House Committee and Senate bills that did not pass out of a Senate policy committee are considered "dead". The cutoff deadline for legislation in fiscal committees (Appropriations, Transportation, and Capital Budget) is March 1st. Remember, however, that the Legislature has many ways around these cutoff dates. Still it is a good indicator of which pieces of legislation will die in committee.

For LEOFF 2 the fact that SB 5668 failed to make the cutoff is good news. That bill would have limited an arbitrator’s ability to override a firing in cases of dishonesty or criminal misconduct. The bill was vigorously opposed by WACPOS. In some respects it is difficult to justify opposing a bill that clearly only referred to dishonest or criminal conduct, but WACOPS preferred to call it a bill limiting due process and was able to stop it in committee.
SB 5733 also died in committee. It was another interest arbitration bill that would require that uniform personnel interest arbitration panels must consider the following:
  • The budget priorities as determined by the governing body;
  • Financial and budgetary constraints including the designation of a reasonable operating reserve as established by the governing body; and
  • Internal equity within the organization
Had it passed it would significantly weaken arbitration and stack the deck in favor of the employers.
The bill was scheduled for a hearing on Friday but was pulled from the agenda and effectively dies.