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SB 5916 Dies - Legislative Session Ends

April 28, 2013

On Sunday April 28th the legislature adjourned the 105-day regular special session. Governor Jay Inslee announced that he will call the legislature into a special 30-day session beginning on May 13th. The most important piece of business to conclude is enacting the 2013-2015 General Operating Budget. At this point, the House and Senate are not close to compromise.

The House budget spends more and relies on closing tax loopholes and extending taxes while the Senate budget makes deeper cuts and sweeps money from other dedicated accounts. Legislative leaders and the Governor will continue budget negotiations during the two-week break.

Pension reform:  SB 5916, was introduced and passed out of committee during the final days of session. However, it did not make it to the floor. Senator Barbara Bailey was a sponsor of this bill. Her office reports that the bill will not be moving forward this year.
Senator Bailey’s aide goes on to say that “…she sponsored this bill and does feel there is a need for addressing this issue. There appears to be studies that show that there are more than just a few abusing the system, otherwise she would have not tried to move this proposal.  It will likely be revisited down the road…”  
We will be visiting with Sen. Bailey during the interim and help her work on this issue and make the changes that would be more appropriate.
We are asking the legislature to slow down and study the issues they are proposing to see if they will even obtain the desired results. We may need your help so please stay tuned!

Both LEOFF 1 & 2 organizations oppose this bill.