Retired Seattle Police Officers Association

SCPP Meeting Report | November 16, 2016

The Select Committee on Pension Policy met on Tuesday, November 16, 2016.  On the Agenda was an update of TRS 1/LEOFF 1 Merger Study.  As with most of these updates there was little new information.  The meeting was televised on TVW and you can watch it here:

Other business took up to 39:35 when Anne Hall of the State Attorney General Office, Mary Beth Braittman and Rob Gauss from ICE Miller stated there presentation.

At 1:56:30, Steve Nelsen of the LEOFF 2 Board gave his presentation of an update on the LEOFF 1 /LEOFF 2 Proposed Merger..

At 2:35:00, Matt Smith gave his presentation from the Office of State Actuary.

At 3:09:00, Dick Warbrouck confirmed that there will be time for comments at the December on the draft recommendation to the Legislature.  The draft report will be published before the December meeting.